It is natural for every human being to have times of happiness and joy and times of sadness and suffering. We know from science that everything is always changing and we know from experience that life is unpredictable and challenging. We have been socialised to believe that when we are happy, things are as they should be. And when we are struggling, there is something wrong with us.

This is not true.

A full life, is a life which includes the full spectrum of experiences and emotions. The most important thing is that we feel alive and engaged with what life presents at each moment, pleasant or unpleasant.
Therapy is not about ‘fixing’ us, but rather about helping us to manage better in times of difficulty, pain and suffering. Therapy is also learning to know and accept ourselves.

Self-compassion puts us in touch with the preciousness of our true essence, where there is nothing wrong. Here we can begin to reclaim confidence in our ability to ride the waves of life.